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Repair of a valued clock is serious business. Either emotional attachment to a treasured family piece, or actual value applied to a collectors item mean entrusting the object to someone for repair, or restoration is a matter for careful consideration. 

I am William Crescenzo, CERTIFIED MASTER CLOCKMAKER and proprietor of Alltime Clock Service. In the field of clock repair there are but 57 masters in all of the United States.

William Crescenzo - Certified Master Clockmaker

Lots of people repair clocks, persons such as myself have gone through the trouble to prove their skills to a certifying body such as A.W.C.I*. that feels the title 'Certified Master' is warranted.

Experienced in all phases of clock repair, I can reproduce any part of any clock that may be required, regardless of it's age, or state of disrepair. I am expert in all styles of construction techniques and repair that have been used throughout the ages, and use only appropriate techniques and materials to affect a fit and proper result.

In the past, clocks were a mere necessity of life, much like a clock-radio or can opener of today. In this relative position of unimportance, clocks were often repaired by a variety of people who were able to 'do the job'. Whether it was the company janitor, maintenance man, 'granddad', 'dad', or local clock repair shop that attended to the needs of a clock, evidence of every hand that has worked on it is even today, there for all to see!

Often times, past repairs are so damaging, that this evidence is hard to eradicate.

Some of this evidence is rightfully a part of the clocks history and should not be removed. Some damage must be removed in order to produce a quality product, with respect to reliability and proper timekeeping.

William Crescenzo - Certified Master Clockmaker

As time goes on, more and more of the clockmakers function is involved in the undoing of prior attempts at repair! 
One facet of this, is that because clocks have been produced for such a long time, a clock will need a repair that is appropriate to its age.

A clock can be repaired in any number of ways. You could bring a clock to NASA, and if you had the money, it would come back to you keeping perfect time and probably be more reliable than it's makers intended it to be! However, all the engine-turned titanium, laser-guided, magnetically coupled parts would be entirely inappropriate! As inappropriate as an eighteenth century farmer doing the best he could to fix his families clock with little knowledge and few tools.

For me, it is an honor to repair something that was damaged before my grandfather was born, as well as correcting a defect that has caused problems for centuries (they weren't always as well-built as we would like).

Clock repair must be approached with respect for the efforts of all the people both good and bad, that have left evidence of these efforts. My own efforts are always done, with the intent that evidence of what I do will outlive me, and I want some repairer in the future to admire that evidence, not have to figure out how to erase it!


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